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Location: Lima, Perú.
I freaking enjoy drawing! I do it since I was a kid. Although I've never attended to an art school, I have developed my own style. Day by day, I do my best to keep growing my drawing skills. If you enjoy my art, leave me a comment. I will really appreciate it! :)
  • Posted by : BlackCat domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

    Hello again, followers!

    While doing the previous commision. Another cool anon from 4-chan contacted me and asked for an artwork based on this lovely pic of him and his gf. At first glance, you could think that I applied the wrong colors, but consider that the actual pic have a filter. So I got some instruction from the anon about the colors. He wanted another background, so I chose something bright and sunny and I think I made a nice choice.

    I enjoyed so much drawing this awesome couple. Both of them look wonderful. I freaking love coloring as I love drawing, so I did my best to transmit that special feeling of warmth in this artwork. Anon just loved it, so I couldn't be happier.

    If you want artworks like these you can always contact me. I do almost any kind of works including +18 stuff. If you like to write stories but need some help for character design or whatever drawing-related you can always count me. See the commision page in this blog or contact me giving me the details of what you want. I will gladly read your requests.

    Hugs. ;) 

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