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Location: Lima, Perú.
I freaking enjoy drawing! I do it since I was a kid. Although I've never attended to an art school, I have developed my own style. Day by day, I do my best to keep growing my drawing skills. If you enjoy my art, leave me a comment. I will really appreciate it! :)
  • Posted by : BlackCat martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

    First Drawing Raid in 4chan /b/.
    Thank you for your support guys and Im very happy you enjoyed my art.
    I had gladly taken your requests.
    I'm thinking about posting the drawings of the next raid in my blog, so stay tuned.

    Enjoy the art. These are fast-drawings made by me for the request of good anons from 4chan. Each one took me around 20 mins. Enjoy:

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