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Location: Lima, Perú.
I freaking enjoy drawing! I do it since I was a kid. Although I've never attended to an art school, I have developed my own style. Day by day, I do my best to keep growing my drawing skills. If you enjoy my art, leave me a comment. I will really appreciate it! :)
  • 666 Sex Slave - First news!

    For those who have read Religious Lady and have been following me through commisions and 4chan, you may know something about this. For those who not, well, I will explain:

    Some weeks ago, I published in this blog (See the Webcomics page) a lewd webcomic called 'Religious lady' (which you can read the 1st part for free). The story goes about a religious teen girl who have the misfortune of meeting a dark man who, using satanic powers, turns her into his sex slave. The rest of the story you can figure out for yourselves.

    Now, I like the reception this 'pilot' webcomic has got. Currently, I started working on a series of shorts sex stories involving the characters presented in Religious Lady and new ones. I'm still desgning the characters. As far as I have done, you can see it here:

    The Sketches

    Diane. Made her first appeareance in the pilot episode.

    Erika. Will make her appeareance later.

    Grace. Character I'm working on right now. Next drawings will be depicting her most likely.

    *More new chars are to come. ;)

    Now, two artworks I made as a teaser for this project going by the name of: 666 Sex Slave:

    Grace and Diane in lesbian scenes.

    By the way, I also created a Tumblr and a Twitter account so you can get fresh news of my work (actually, I use to publish content there more often than this blog, so give it a try ;)).

    My Tumblr: http://blackcat18up.tumblr.com/

    My Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackCat18up

    Also, if you like my work, I'd be very glad to receive donations. That would help me to keep working on this project and release my artworks for free. So everyone can enjoy this.

    You can help me by just donating $1.00.
    Don't forget to share this with more people.

    My Paypal: viles.jor89@gmail.com

    Remember: Commisions are always open, so you can feel free to contact me for one or more.

    If you got any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me too. Stay tuned for more news. ;)

  • 4chan raid missed picture.

    It was a normal day, when then, suddenly, I checked my mail and saw a mail from a follower on 4 chan.

    This gorgeous girl was asking me about her picture. One I made on my last raid. So dumb me! How could I forgotten that pic?!

    Honestly, that drawing is one of the ones I love the most. Instead of modifying the actual thread in my blog, I decided to create a thread for itself.

    Hope you like it as much as I do.
  • 4chan Drawing Raid #05

    Woah! I almost forgot to upload the fast-drawings for this past raids. Just look the lot of new drawings I've made.

    It's been a very cool week. The X-mas spirit can be felt in the air. Everyone giving their money away buying more and more, and I'm here drawing for the people. I've got some commisions that kept me busy. But I won't be talking about it.

    Here, enjoy what was the fifth 4-chan drawing raid. Sometimes is difficult to find the right audience. But when I do I get a lot of request. Love it!


    Hope you liked it! It will be until a next thread! Bye bye!

  • Commision time: Couple!

    Hello again, followers!

    While doing the previous commision. Another cool anon from 4-chan contacted me and asked for an artwork based on this lovely pic of him and his gf. At first glance, you could think that I applied the wrong colors, but consider that the actual pic have a filter. So I got some instruction from the anon about the colors. He wanted another background, so I chose something bright and sunny and I think I made a nice choice.

    I enjoyed so much drawing this awesome couple. Both of them look wonderful. I freaking love coloring as I love drawing, so I did my best to transmit that special feeling of warmth in this artwork. Anon just loved it, so I couldn't be happier.

    If you want artworks like these you can always contact me. I do almost any kind of works including +18 stuff. If you like to write stories but need some help for character design or whatever drawing-related you can always count me. See the commision page in this blog or contact me giving me the details of what you want. I will gladly read your requests.

    Hugs. ;) 

  • Commision? You bet it! Commision again!

    Hello, again! It is time for another commision!

    This time a cool anon from 4-chan asked me to draw this marvelous girl holding that doggy. I not into drawing animals too much, but I did my best to draw that doggy. What I really enjoyed of this drawing was doing the girl. I havent tried that position before, but in the end I was very happy with the results.

    The coloring part was very enjoyable too. I always try to give that effect of freshness and brightness to my artworks. I guess I did a very good job here. I just hope you enjoy this drawing as I have fun doing it.

    Don't forget that you can ask me for any drawing you want. Just check the commision page of this blog and see the prices or just contact me and send me the details of the artwork you want me to do (I do almost any kind of artwork, even +18 stuff). I will gladly take your requests.

    Have nice day, everyone!


  • 4chan Drawing Raid #04

    4th time I deliver fast drawings in 4-chan. i want to thank you all those cool anons who were supporting me. I know I cannot deliver for everyone, but I highly aprecciate your patience and waiting for me in a next thread.
    It makes me happy to know you enjoy my art. Hope you liked my work. Here are the drawing from the last one:

    ::Nice outfit, anon::

    ::Second time they sent me this girl::

     ::Nice blonde girl, anon asked a nakey::

     ::A femanon asked by a maleanon (?):

     ::Sexy girl asked from an anon::
     ::A red-haired goddess asked from many anons::
     ::Girlfriend giving a head asked from an anon::
    ::Nice eyes from this girl. Loved to draw her::
     ::A cool anon who asked for his face drawing::

     And this was last drawing thread. I hope you liked it. Stay tune for next thread in 4 chan.

    Hugs! :)

  • Another commission!

    Hello, again! You know I love drawing and nothing makes me happier than knowing there are people who love what I'm doing. This time I was picked by surprise. After a drawing raid in 4chan, I was about to sleep, when this cool anon contacted me through mail asking for a drawing.

    I couldn't be happier! Next day, first thing I did was start with the artwork. He asked for a sketch, so I gladly did it. What do you guys think? :

    Beautiful girl, beautiful pic. Thats what I always say. And I'm not wrong! Just by seeing this drawing you can confirm what I'm saying.

    One of the things I care a lot when making a drawing based on a real person is to catch the expression. I think I managed to do it correctly because this cool anon loved the pic.

    Thank you for contacting me and relying this pic to me, anon. Don't know who is she, but I'm sure she is a very special person to you and I'm more than happy to have done this fantastic sketch for you.

    Hope you all have liked the artwork as well. Don't forget to contact me if you want artwork like this. Or check my Commissions page and choose which kind of artwork do you want me to do.

    I will be more than glad to serve you. Thanks anon and thank to everyone reading this post.

    Hugs! :3
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