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Location: Lima, Perú.
I freaking enjoy drawing! I do it since I was a kid. Although I've never attended to an art school, I have developed my own style. Day by day, I do my best to keep growing my drawing skills. If you enjoy my art, leave me a comment. I will really appreciate it! :)
  • Posted by : BlackCat jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2015

    Woah! I almost forgot to upload the fast-drawings for this past raids. Just look the lot of new drawings I've made.

    It's been a very cool week. The X-mas spirit can be felt in the air. Everyone giving their money away buying more and more, and I'm here drawing for the people. I've got some commisions that kept me busy. But I won't be talking about it.

    Here, enjoy what was the fifth 4-chan drawing raid. Sometimes is difficult to find the right audience. But when I do I get a lot of request. Love it!


    Hope you liked it! It will be until a next thread! Bye bye!

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